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Some people say, that the truth is in his/her own religion. It is a lie fed by devil, because the Bible teaches us in a different way. The way to the eternal life is open only through Jesus, Yeshua. Just to believe in God Yahve is not enough. Gospel of John, 14:6: Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.



 Poem “Rakastan” (I love) in Finnish

If you want to give your life to Yeshua, pray:

Dear Jesus Yeshua, I come to you just like how I am.

I want to give to You all of my sins, addictions, pains, symptoms and weaknesses.

I turn away from my evilness towards You. I believe, trust and put my faith only to You Yeshua.

Please forgive my sins because of Your work on the cross.

I give to You my life and receive You as my Savior and Deliverer.

From now on, You are my Redeemer and Lord.

Thank You Yeshua that you have received me and You live now in my heart.

Thank You that you have forgiven all of my sins. Thank You for the salvation.

I want to serve You all the rest of my life. Yeshua, lead my way from now on.

All that was mine belongs now to You. I shall follow You all the way until the eternal life in the Paradise of Heaven.

Thank You Yeshua in Your Name. Amen.

Now as you have Yeshua in your heart, it is important to read the Bible. Before all, you should get to know Yeshua, what He said and did when he walked here on the earth. Start with the Gospel of Mark and continue then through Luke to Matthew and John. Then, read in your own pace Acts and the rest of New Testament and thereafter Old Testament. And remember that the Bible is worth reading several times, you will always find new things there! The life of Believer is in front of you and the Bible is your instruction! Pray for yourself help and guidance from Holy Spirit. He is walking on your side and comforting you! Mercy and truth will follow you when you put your faith on Yeshua.

It is good to right away tell to somebody that you have become a Believer in Yeshua. Tell to your closest ones, your friends, your acquaintances and/or your relatives. Also go to your local Church and speak to a Priest. If talking to Priest feels strange, there must be Christian Meetings in your neighborhoods. Just have a look at the back pages of newspapers to get info or look in Internet what is available.

The unity with other Believers is important so that you can grow on your way of your faith. Thing about going to an Alpha group, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpha_course. Or call Auli,+358 44 5131 798. Be blessed on your walk on the new way owned by Yeshua!